Culture Venture has teamed up with Culture Hint and the Malta Tourism Authority to deliver a new research project funded by MDIA. The new project will focus on the visitor experience in Malta’s capital city Valletta. 

In research on over tourism in Valletta, Ebejer J (2020) found that there are ‘initial signs of over tourism and that this is a source of concern, mainly to Valletta residents and to persons with an interest in urban heritage’. If no action is taken to mitigate, it is likely that some of the negative impacts will become severe and unacceptable. In recent months, press stories have also highlighted increased tensions between residents and bars in Valletta hotspots, exacerbated by longer hours allowed for higher sound levels in entertainment spots. Work on the Valletta Management Plan is currently being drafted to secure Valletta’s status as UNESCO world heritage site. Through the application of AI, the research team, will implement a research project within an area in Valletta to test a mixed methodology that seeks to address challenges of over tourism and its impact on visitor experience, cultural heritage and the overall liveability of the city. 

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January 3, 2024

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