Optimising the Cultural Tourism Experience through AI

Strategies on audience development have become central to cultural debates in Malta. Understanding audiences is crucial to the success of all aspects of the cultural sector. Together with London based firm Culture Hint, Culture Venture, is collaborating with Spazju Kreattiv and The Superintendence for Cultural Heritage on a new and exciting research project that seeks to uncover audience behaviour and trends through artificial intelligence (AI). 

Financed by the Malta Digital Innovation Authority, this innovative venture places AI technology at the core of its process. This specialised AI will monitor and forecast visitor flow at Spazju Kreattiv to inform strategic planning & optimise the visitor experience – specifically improving the Centre’s engagement with visitors. Furthermore, the project also takes into consideration the historic environment of Spazju Kreattiv and will analyse the sustainability and the performance of the historic building when used as an events hub and an exhibition and performative arts centre.

The AI-driven methodology will be based on research previously conducted by Dr Valerie Visanich and on the research activity of Culture Venture to support the cultural offering of Spazju Kreattiv and to inform the Centre’s operational decisions.


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August 29, 2022

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