Sustainable Futures: Investing for cultural organisations


The report authored with research support by Toni Attard, CEO of Culture Venture, is an IFACCA extended report exclusive for National Members, which was developed in partnership with IFACCA National Member in Chile, the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage (MINCAP). This report explores how the governments of different countries support cultural organisations through policy and investment; how models and practices of funding have – and will need to – respond to external shocks, such as the pandemic; and seeks to understand the range of issues faced by public agencies that advance arts and culture at the national level.

Providing an overview of the legislative contexts that define which cultural organisations receive public investment; the level and kinds of investment they receive; and how that investment is distributed. The report explores the purpose and characteristics that define different programmes, to cluster and analyse funding models. It also examines risks associated with budgets and sources of income, as well as other factors that have transformed the operating environment for public investment and its recipients.

The final section of the report includes concluding observations on attributes common to modes of funding that have been changed successfully, as well as ongoing challenges, and recommendations for sustainable support and investment for cultural organisations.

Fourteen IFACCA National Member institutions participated in the project from Australia, Canada, Chile, England, Finland, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, Scotland, Singapore, Sweden, Uruguay, the USA and Wales.


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March 6, 2022

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