Arts as social sculpture

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Culture Venture is honoured to be participating in a new project with the University of Malta as part of a Horizon 2020 research and innovation funded project on the potential of the arts and their contribution to societal changes on a pan European level. Working in part with a series of projects by artists working in and with communities, their outcome will be researched for policy development, and in turn, acknowledged as part of a European Wide Research Innovation Action (RIA).

AMASS (Acting on the margins, arts as social sculpture) is taking place across eight different countries and with different marginalised communities. The University of Malta is represented by the Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education within the Faculty of Education, and its team is being coordinated by Professor Raphael Vella. Culture Venture will be producing two theatre projects directed by Toni Attard. The first project will be a new play written by Simon Bartolo inspired by stories of people living with HIV in Malta and held in collaboration with the MGRM and Spazju Kreattiv. The second project will be another play written by Simone Spiteri in collaboration with Opening Doors Association and led by artists with learning disabilities.

In total, AMASS will set up over 30 artistic experiments with communities based in various parts of Europe. Their projects will work on a micro level of communities and immediate solutions, and in addition, go on to develop recommendations for policy as part of a European Wide RIA.

This project has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The projects brings together the University of Malta together with the University of Lapland, the Associação de Professores de Expressão e Comunicação Visual, Charles University in Prague, the University of Borås, the Corvinus University of Budapest, PACO Design Collaborative, and the University of Leeds to foster inclusive, innovative and reflective societies.

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