Culture Venture was commissioned by Arts Council Malta to conduct research to inform the overall framework of funding programme/s by Arts Council Malta for film and TV, specifically for domestic screen, and assess the alignment of programmes with the Council’s priority areas and Strategy 2025. 

The scope of the research was to:

  1. Review funded projects by making sense of the experiences of applicants, participants and beneficiaries;
  2. Analyse the impact and effectiveness of these projects from a micro and macro approach;
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness to beneficiaries;
  4. Evaluate its wider impact on the industry;
  5. Assess the legacy of these projects;
  6. Recommend systems, procedures and policy actions for future of film and TV funding mechanisms in Malta;
  7. Provide the basis for the development of the guidelines for the new funding programme based on the recommendations.

The research held between February and May 2024 delves into the impact of the various editions of funding programmes for film and TV within the context of the overall state of play of the industry. Through a mixed research methodology, the team engaged in an extensive research and consultation process to provide sufficient evidence for Arts Council Malta to develop a film and TV funding programme that addresses the opportunities and challenges within the film and TV sectors. The report provides insights on fund management and selection processes and elicits in depth knowledge and expertise of beneficiaries, stakeholders and policy makers who participated in the research. The study identifies how the funding programme can support and facilitate the advancement of the sectors concerning the existing economic, legal and social contexts that impact and are impacted by these sectors. The research outcomes and recommendations will inform the overall objectives and structure of the funding programme to be managed by Arts Council Malta and additional actions that may be considered within a wider strategic framework for Malta’s domestic screen production industry. 

The research was conducted by Rebecca Anastasi, Toni Attard and David Pope, assisted by Graziella Vella. 

The research team extends gratitude to the invaluable support provided by the Arts Council Malta research team, as well as to all participants who generously contributed with their time, insights and expertise.

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