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Georgia, Europe 

Culture Venture and Creativity Lab are supporting the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia to develop a 2 day forum in Tbilisi, Georgia. The Forum, entitled Connecting Cultures – shaping a creative future for Georgia and Europe will be organised on the 6th and 7th of May 2019.

As Georgia builds a more dynamic and positive presence in Europe, its public institutions, its regions, its citizens and its creative communities are impacted by global developments. The relationship between Georgia and the rest of Europe is shaped by the strength of the relationship between Georgians and other Europeans. By placing culture at the heart of this process, Georgia, as a European nation, will contribute further towards a collective sense of togetherness and mutuality.

The forum, to be officially opened by the President and the Prime Minister of Georgia, will bring together diverse European voices, to assess the role of culture in fostering a creative voice for Georgia in European cultural diversity and the multiplicity of European creativity in Georgia. The forum will provide a space for various stakeholders to come together, debate and share good practices that provide insights on cultural relations and ways to overcome the challenges that may be hindering this creative dialogue.



Together with our international partners we work with you to support the creative and strategic growth of your organisation, city, region or country. With a client portfolio ranging from international cultural agencies and Ministries of Culture to small arts organisations and individual artists, we provide bespoke consultancy services that help shape your vision into deliverable actions for the cultural and creative sectors. Current advisory work includes the Georgia, Europe Forum, the development of regional cultural strategies and the drafting of a new national cultural policy for Malta.

Culture Venture produces artistic projects in the performing and visual arts. Consider us your one-stop-shop to make your artistic project a successful venture. The production portfolio includes Unforgettable by Tenor Nico Darmanin, Verbi: Mill-Bieb 'il Ġewwa, a promenade performance art event by Barumbara Collective and Parallel Existences, a photography exhibition by Alex Attard.  

We support young and young-at-heart cultural managers in their continuous professional development through short courses and leadership seminars. Culture Venture is currently leading the first specialised arts management programme for Malta's public sector. 


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